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kata kata bijak tahun 70 an

Kata Kata Quote Words - Words pearls are often used to provide a good motivation for themselves and for others, who were in a state that does not charge. The word pearl is also often the thoughts of the people who have made it through terpelik point in his life. Not hayal, aphorisms are increasingly being sought after and collected by people who were dirudung problem. Some books even omnibus published a collection of aphorisms berabagai derived from sources around the world. But for those of you who do not have too much time to go to the bookstore, there are some other alternatives that can be taken, one with the download information about Kata Kata Mutiara Latest from the internet.


2014 is certainly different from previous years, both growing trend information and other hits, and therefore we present Aphorisms Latest in this 2014 coming from various sources, following his review ::

Kata Kata Mutiara
Words Quote

Do not begging God tuk relieve existing trials, pray to God to give you strength tuk tuk it through.
Life is not always what you want. Good and bad things happen always, but they have set the Lord, with a beautiful ending.
Do not over think sendirimu, because there is someone out there who are wondering what it's like to meet you.
Do not cry for those who leave you for someone else. If they are stupid enough let you go, you should be smart enough to forget.
Everyone has problems. Better look for a solution to the problem of comparing the problem to others.
Sometimes you meet someone who means a lot in life just tuk realize in the end you have to let go.
Think whatever you will say. Because every word that comes out of your mouth, you can never take back.
Love anything that is in the world appropriately. Because anything that is in the world nothing lasts forever.
Learning to understand that not all wishes can be fulfilled, perhaps the best medicine to prevent the commission was disappointed and hurt. and Kata Bijak Mutiara
Never underestimate anything that you have had, as you might have is highly desired by others.
Always do a favor in the best way. Because that's how peace will be created.
Sincerely accept mistakes, and learn dar any mistakes, because it will make you stronger in life.
Do anything with the right, not just fast. The success of this irresistible if you do have the right.
Life was never out of the problem, because the problem is one way of making you a personal God who is more powerful and mature.
It's never too late overturned. The past is just maturing yourself. Your life is not determined by someone else but you!
When you fall, do not stay down. Falling does not mean inferior, it just means you have to get up and try again.
Do not blame yourself for the wrong decision. Each person makes. Make them a lesson tuk subsequent decision.
In the multitude of words there is a violation, but anyone who restrains his lips is wise.
Laugh at somebody else's problem was easy. Laugh at yourself problems? Just a great org who can.
If you allow fear to grow bigger than your faith, then you blocking your dreams come true.
No need to envy others. See what you have now, think about what has been done tuk get it. Be thankful.
Just because other people do not kind to us, does not mean we should reciprocate in the same way.
Hate only hurt yourself, because most of the people who hate you will not care about your hatred.
For every human being in this world, God has given something noble and good into her heart. Always keep your heart.Kata Kata Bijak
Do not give up hope tuk my best. Prepare yourself tuk's the worst. And thank whatever God gives.
My prayer today: Lord, forgive me all the mistakes that have been done. Bless those who always remind me.
Life is too precious tuk spend time thinking he is not treating you well, and never thought existed.
One of the best things in life is seeing a smile on the faces of your parents, and realize that you are the reason.
When someone tried to stay away from your life, let it. Departure he just opens the door for someone better tuk entry.
Never underestimate yourself. If you are unhappy with your life, fix what's wrong, and keep stepping.
Do not hate those who say bad things tuk knock, as they are for you is getting stronger every day.
Sometimes, you think someone has changed without you realizing it happened because he started acting up.
Life is too short if only regret. You only live once, but if used properly, once is enough!

Life has many choices with good things and the bad of each. Make your choice, do your best.
In life, do not ever let someone's opinion about you transform yourself into someone who you know you're not.
Loving someone is not just to say it every day, but also to show it in everything wholeheartedly.
Sometimes, though angry over what he had done that you love, you still could not stop loving her.
Real friends can show you that life is not as bad as you think and the problem is not as big as you feared.
Be careful with your heart. Do not give it to someone who can not appreciate, because when given, he never fully returned.
A good friend would not ask his friend to be someone else. But a good friend will receive his best friend is.
Sometimes when tired continues to hurt, you choose tuk away from everything, just because you want to see who will menghampirimu.
Do not resist change just because of fear of losing that has been owned, since we are degrading the value with which we can achieve through the change.
If we want to define what life is like, then work hard to achieve the goal, we will never lose, even going to win.
Do not remember the kindness you've ever done, but remember the good that others do unto you.
When you feel alone and nobody cares, remember that there is someone out there who so wish to have the life that you live.
Love may make you hurt, but it makes you more mature. Be forgiving person, especially your heart.
Hatred only hurt yourself, smile when hurt. Heart without hate establish strong and peaceful soul.
Confidence is a knowledge within the heart, far beyond the reach of proof.
Pain in the struggle was only temporary. A minute, an hour, a day, or a year. But if giving up, the pain will be felt forever.
Be yourself. Who else could do it better than yourself?
Our greatest pride is not never failing, but rising every time we fall back.
Something that is very hard to forget someone who tuk has given so many things to remember tuk.
You will not be able to lose what you never had. You will not be forced to survive on a person if he wants to go.
In love, do not waste your tears crying over someone who does not even deserve to see you smile tuk.
When a person is strong enough for you tuk dropped, you have to show him you are strong enough tuk stood up.
God's help may not come too soon, not too late. God's help always comes at the right time
Do not you forget to do your guard down over the grace of almighty God.
Someone who accompany you in distress is much more valuable than a hundred people who accompany you in the fun.
Kata Bijak Life is like a drama, and you can choose to be spectators or players.
Do not be sad when doing wrong. Because many mistakes we learn, because we mistake being smart.
Love whatever will you do today, because they have nothing interesting if you're not interested.
We've all wrong, but there is a big difference between any of the adults and one for you deliberate.
Do not cry for error, but smile because every mistake that seeks to teach better.
Failure is God's way of teaching you about never give up, patience, hard work and confidence.
Happy does not mean everything is perfect. Happy is when you decide tuk see everything perfectly.
Do not ever complain above shortcomings, because it lacks the power to tell you to keep looking for that is within you.
A friend is someone who is always there beside you, who patiently listen to your hurt, and is willing to accompany you through life. Next - Kata Kata Bijak Cinta

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